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Intersea Foundation, a non-profit corporation, conducts whale research expeditions in Southeast Alaska and other parts of the world. These high adventure natural history and research voyages enable lay people to assist scientists in the study of cetaceans and their environment.

The research focus is on cooperative feeding humpback whales, a behavior discovered by Cynthia D'Vincent, the founder/director of Intersea Foundation. The documentation of humpback whales and killer whales includes individual identification through photography, cinematography, and videography. Recording of the humpback summer feeding song, also a discovery of Intersea Foundation, is an integral part of the research effort.

Photographs, books and a large sound archive are a result of the past 30 years of cetacean research by Intersea Foundation. To learn more about these archives, lectures, exhibits and expeditions please select the appropriate links above, or send an e-mail request for additional information.

What's Happening

Cynthia D'Vincent is one of four featured scientists in the film "HUMPBACKS - from fire to ice", narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Learn more about this film and the research that made it possible.



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